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Time – Memories made , Promises fade


The title of this poem is -: TimeMemories made, promises fade

Title explanation

with time moving continuosly we make memories with our friends , best friend, partners and other individuals. Sometimes when u and your close friend or person make promises to always be like this and then eventually things starting to go other way with the time and the promises we made get faded and we are only left with the memories we made.

Summary of the poem / Theme of the poem

You all should relate with the person in your life

In this write tells about the person with whom he was very close to . It could be male / female or a group . He describes how he and the other person used to talk with each other , shares everything with one another, they lived/enjoyed moments together , they make each other laugh at their hardest times and they enjoy other person happiness more .

But with time flowing fast , the bond they shared is no more , they talk in months ,maybe the other person is too busy in life , may be other person’s new friend has replaced him, his presence or absence now doesn’t bother the other person anymore. Once he was priority of the other person , now he’s hardly an option to the other person.

Poet is amazed how that never ending bond started dying , how the other person who never let him cry , now bcoz of the person poet is crying, lastly while thinking about how their bond depleted, he realised / thought that people with time do change , their priorities change and the poet is still thinking about the moment they shared which now had turned into a memory 💔❤️.

Is it the end of their bond ? / Or is it just a hard phase in their friendship or relationship.

Pro Tip – You sometimes have to understand each other’s situation silently , hardships do come in every relationship whether friends or love . If you both are important to each other now or then the efforts to not let you go out of each other’s life will be made . Live the moments fully , it is going to be a memory soon ❤️

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Falling Apart (Hum Sath ho khi)

Story of the poetry

It’s a poetic form of a love story ( mostly first love ) .It describes how one falls in love unknowingly and they get together. They start a relationship life with each other thinking it will go on and on … There are some hardships in relationship but u re not mature enough to deal with them properly , so a mess is created of a problem this makes your relationship end .. but soon you see the other one is happy with another person doing the same things with them but u still want them back but at the time when he/she needed u the most you left that person saying I can’t bear this anymore… May be it wasn’t your nor the other person’s fault . U know just wish all things starts all over again and you want to be with them and the ending changes in the end you stay together…

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Were you there for me

#were you there for me ?

It is a poem to show two opposite side of thoughts , expectations … The question to an alter ego or an other person …
Asking when you needed it at the time were those people things were there for you

It starts with
Were you     – – – – –   sunlight for me …
It’s means when a person is in dark for too long he will need sunlight .. here dark room refers to depression phase .. self doubt phase .. sunlight refers to someone who the person could rely on
So he asked were you there for me when I was in darkness

2nd line- afraid – – – – – for me …
It refers to a boy or person who feels shy in public places , that he might get judged
It refers to a girl ,  going out with a male friends she might get judged
It refers to the  person that does anything other than what others want you to do and they will get judged and get embarrassed …
They all ask ques to themself that confidence were u there for me

3 rd line- tired – – – – – for me…
Tired of war refers to overthinking that keep striking me back whenever I try to sleep , due to this I wake up very tired even after sleeping for 8-9 hrs .. it’s a teenage refrence  at time overthinking is at its peak thougths of carrier , love ,randoms too and many more keeps coming that makes it depressing and frusting for them ..
mind tired of war ( thoughts ) asked peace (( calmness) were you there for me )

4rth line- enough ——   for me
When a person is being misunderstood , may be his words or actions or intentions are being misunderstood that makes a person angry as well as sad …
One get disheartened when being misunderstood from the one who understands the person most …
So when a person gets misunderstood he ask understanding ( people’s perspective about you ) were you there for me .

5th line -going through – – – – – for me
When a person goes through hard times whether it’s personal problem and family problem …. Being it physical pain or emotional pain it’s just so good when you have someone who listens to you and there’s a shoulder for you to make you feel good  … But let’s say there was a person who used be with you ,you both used to listen to each other and make each other feel better when any of the one is sad.
But now the priorities of the person is  changed , they don’t listen or share things with you . They are not there with you in  your hard times anymore .
So you asked them were you there for me …

6th line – facing – – – – – for me
At times when a person face heartbreak in  general  a young person’s  perspective let say  break up happens they feel disheartened ,when it happens with the perosn with whom you were with for  2 or more years it make you believe at that point that love doesn’t exist it’s fake and many bad thoughts  regarding this … Sometimes you start destroying yourself ask yourself was I there for myself ..
At time of breakups or heartbreak happens you ask love were you there for me …

7th line- having – – – – – for me
Having so many unsolved questions , we have so many questions regarding different things and different phases of life about depression ( how to deal with it ) ,about love ( how to know it’s true or not ) ,about emotional ( to whom to show and when to show ) ,about carrier ( will I be successful or I will struggle throughout ) …. Like these there are so many questions that’s surrounds our mind but their answers aren’t available easily ( probably experience is the only answer )
At the time when I neened the answers of those questions
I asked answers were you there for me …

Last line – with life – – – – – for me
As the life is a non stop but continuous one .. it’s not a long period of time with all those news things coming daily to tackle us through our daily life ,new experiences thats keep coming then and after so it’s not even enough to explore all these ,
Was getting the answers of all those questions  is possible as the life’s is so fast these days
So I asked time ,were you there for me …

Pro Tip – it’s okay to be sad at times , it’s okay to feel disheartened , but you need to live with or for what you have today

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Life quote ( holi special)

Colourful life

In this colours in festival holi are being related with different aspects of life

First two line – yu to jindagi – – – – – – – -unke sang badle

In life there are many different phases in this rang is related to different phases in life that you have to go through some happy , some sad , exciting and so on… Jaise aaj jindagi kuch or hai suddenly shift mara jindagi ne . We know there r people jinse humari nhi bnti some are envy ( jealous ) of us .. and usi trh there are diff problems with some to hum jante hai ki yes they won’t do anything good for us and can do something bad for us but kuch log jinko hum dost mante hai , ya jo humare thode close hote hai wo jb betray krte hai ya help ke waqt anjaan bn jate hai uss time breakdown ho jata hai

Next lines – kbhi hum rang – – – – – – – – – – – bhav bhi hote hai

Rang ke sath khelna holi festival mein jo colours se khelte hai unke bare mein btaya hai that hum ek dusre ko colours lgate hai same line iss ko depict krta hai ki hum jo rang hai wo life ke phase hai jaise khushi ka life kbhi hum happy phase of life jeete hai then ye kha hai ki life ke phase humare sath mtlb at any point life mein hardship aa gyi ya kbhi kbhi hard times aate he jaa rha.. jindagi ke badalte rang humare sath badle mtlb jaise jaise hum time ke sath change ho rhe bde ho rhe waise waise life bhi new turn leti jaa rhi

Rango se bhedbhav( racism) hote hai mtlb ki difference that people face on the basis of colour ,caste , religion and diff things rango se jude logo ke bhav hote hai mtlb ki different people follow different religions in which some colours has big meaning in it .

Next line – jinhe sb rang – – – – – – – – khoye hue milte hai

People who are close to u and when they suddenly changes like for some like they don’t help you in difficult times and for some the other one don’t share things or talk with same enthusiasm with them and give priority to others . To log unko kehte hai ki rang badalne wala kehte hai but in actual badle to unke swabhav he hote hai means people do change with time some change the way we want them and some don’t remains the same especially what they are with us .

Rango ki satrangi duniya mein ka mtlb hai different luxuries of life different addictions in life( jisme wo khoye hote hai ) .. people are attracted toward materialistic things more than they should be … Satrangi duniya mtlb different people also like some are good for us some are not log inn sb mein bhi khoye hote hai kbhi kbhi

Next lines – laal rang ko – – – – – – – – – colour bolte hai

Laal rang ko khatre ka means generally danger sign is shown with red colours.. but same red colour love ke symbol ka colour mana jata hai ❤️.

Safed rang ki ahmiyat tb tk nhi hoti jb tk wo kisi Insaan pr na ho … Most deepest line iska mtlb hai ki a person of white skin colour ye isaan gora hai so generally gore rang se he he/ she gets someone’s attention and people prefer more white(gora insaan) shaded people in life … Same lines means when a person is alive most people don’t value him/ her and when he / she dies and is wrapped in white colour coffin cloth then some realises that they should have been with them when they were alive or given more importance to them .. *** note – Tell your close one’s or close friends how much they mean to you .

Some people mock people of black skin shade and same people says that black is their favorite colour even though in different context but still colour is same .. if you can’t respect somebody don’t disrespect someone .

Last two lines – In badalte rang – – – – – – – Gulaal milte hai

In badalte rang ke safar mein mtlb hai ki in these different phases , hardship , happy phase etc … Jb aap akele padh jate ho , depression , stressed out hote ho ya something like that to kisi ko unko love support Krna hai means lover and love also means the love of family , some people gets friends and best friends with whom they can share anything and they make each other happy … different people have different things to come out from a diffcult phase or situation of life .

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Alone + Broken

#Broken soul

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Power of shayari

#power of words

I just try to write the way that exactly touches the readers heart .

Words have so much power even people I don’t know sometimes relate to my shayari or find it beautiful.

Its been such a pleasure to share all my stuff with everyone and get to know few of them 💚.

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Friendship Forever

#Friendship ❤️❤️

Best friends are someone who’s an indirect motivator , indirect partner of you and someone who will listen to you and then will help you to get through your problems .

❤️💛 Memories with the friends are just unforgettable .These are the things which we will remember in our old age and just smile our eyes would we little heavy with tears 💛❤️

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Life quote

# Humanity on Top #Spread Love

On one hand we have food shelter and clothes but some people doesn’t have food to eat can’t we help them a bit

People belonging to different caste, races , religion see each other’s as enemy . Everyone is humans it’s us who has differentiated ourself.

We can’t be at peace till we see humans like us being dehumanised.

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Spread love❤

# Life

Be postive yourself and spread positivity to others too

# Let’s fight together

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#Together we can

Just one message of your may makes someone’s mood

Tum khudgarz na banke
Bs ek kadam madat ko toh badhao
Kisi dusre ka nhi
Mgar apne apno(dosto)ka sath to nibhao

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Life quote

Happy New Year

A thing that keeps us going is hope, so hope this year would be better for you and will bring something great for you, just live with hope and do your work for it.

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Love shayari

# Love ( One of the most beautiful feeling)

Defining love correctly is one of the hardest things

It’s like an ocean but not visible as we don’t get to know when we have been in love with the other person. A person can go in ocean if he/ she knows how to swim and can come out easily. Love is a ocean in which people can go but can’t come out easily and to flow in in ocean of love you must have loyality , trust, care and support by both the persons as we can’t swim with one leg or one hand.

© Arniket Rai

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Life Quote

Live for love or love to live ( it your choice)

Make your goal your destination

Work hard for your own success then you will love your life and will get love of your life

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Life quote

Be happy with yourself

Enjoying your own company makes you happier then ever

Sometimes with time you have to stand alone not because you don’t have good friends but to know more about yourself and make yourself better.


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Love life quote

#Girl quote

If you like or love a girl and if she doesn’t love you the way you are in love with her then it does not means that she is bad you have your feelings tell her now rest depends on her what she want and respect her decision.

#Respect girls emotions 😌

#Respect Boys Feelings 😚